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Our next litter is planned for the end of 2021
For more information contact Giselle at 416-755-3780
This determined little puppy got what she wanted.
Please enjoy some of the pictures of Yvonne’s last litter.

Soon after birth Yvonne’s mother Odette started to fuss, whine and even howl – she made it very clear to me she wanted to be with her grandchildren very badly. 
Odette has always displayed a deep sense of caring.  From the beginning she was determined, almost obsessed to help raise her grandchildren.  Not only does she clean and cuddle them, she even has developed milk and the puppies are suckling on her.  Not that she would be able to sustain them, nonetheless, the puppies are calm and content.  In over 30 years of breeding standard poodles this is a first for me. Nature’s phenomenon! Yvonne is very relaxed about it all and very willingly allows her mother to share maternal duties.  The ultimate babysitter!

After their daily outing I had carried the other siblings inside. At 6 1/2 weeks of age they could not go down the stairs on their own and I was about to get the last puppy. . .
when I noticed him slowly approach the big white puppy from my previous litter...
  white puppy looks away to allow and encourage black puppy to approach...
black puppy approaches slowly, licks white puppy's foot... black puppy becomes
confident, gets up...
and kisses white puppy Renee (who had just returned from the show ring as my newest champion).
Here are some photos of our puppies from several litters as we follow their growth stages from the whelping box to the competitive show ring – or the “show ring” of your own living room.

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